Web 2.0 Latest Free v2.2.8 – Directory plugin for WordPress


‘Web 2.0 Directory’ is one of the best directory listing plugins for WordPress websites. If you are planning to start a directory listing website then web 2.0 Directory plugin will be a good choice for you.

Organize your listings and products easily by using the web 2.0 directory plugin. Web 2.0 directory plugin is a fine solution from Codecanyone marketplace. It helps you to connect with payment gateways like PayPal and e-commerce. however, It also allows a full rating system. users can go in and rate their favorite business and write a few words about the business.

Web 2.0 directory listing WordPress plugin has the capability to construct any type of directory listing websites. Examples: Events, Classifieds, pets, boats, restaurants, wedding, matrimonial, real estate, map stores, and other local directories.

You can use web 2.0 directory plugin to list your products and selling packages. No matter if it is paid or free products, you can list any type of products with this amazing WordPress plugin.

Web 2.0 plugin might be a suitable choice for those who don’t know much about web developing. You can use this plugin without any prior knowledge even beginners can easily understand how the plugin works and configured.

With Map&maps maker functionality Plugins allows users to find nearby places much faster and easier.

Demo Web 2.0 Directory WordPress Plugin

Woocommers options

You can easily pair Woocommerce Plugin with Directory plugin.

  1. You can easily manage and order products and packages from Dashboard
  2. Easily manage to make scheduled sales
  3. Refund options to users  and sales report
  4. Give Coupons and discount codes to users

Features of Web 2.0 Directory Plugin

The plugin offers a variety of features and tons of customization options to users. And it also compatible with visual composer. however, You are able to customize everything because directory plugin supports customizing each everything. therefore easily customize everything even if you are a beginner to WordPress and site-building.

  • Package selling
  • Payment Gateways
  • SEO friendly
  • Star Ratings
  • Dashboards
  • Manage Invoices
  • Compatible with Woocommerce Payments
  • Powerful searching
  • Youtube Video Listing
  • Custom Map option
  • Bookmark Functionalities
  • Responsive Design
  • PDF Download
  • Color changing
  • Compatible with Visual Composer
  • Print listing option
  • Adapted for reCaptcha

 Download Web 2.0 Latest Free v2.2.8

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