Download eForm 4.9.1 – WordPress Form Builder Full Version


eForm 4.9.1 is one of the best advanced and flexible form builders that can be integrated almost anything in your existing WordPress site. This is a complete form management solution, for quizzes, surveys, data collection, payment/cost estimation, and user feedback.

eForm WordPress Plugin Features

  • WordPress Gutenberg support.
  • Traditional Form Element Theme (Boxy).
  • System and custom font support.
  • Global element alignment override.
  • Offline Payment Gateway.
  • Stripe Subscription payment forms
  • Estimation Slider interface for payment forms
  • Input masking on FreeType form elements
  • payment integration
  • Interactive form elements support for piping element values into labels
  • The automatic score for feedback elements
  • OpenGraph & Twitter metadata in standalone form pages
  • Option to change the color of summary table icons
  • Row index for checkbox, radio, and thumbnail numeric values in math element
  • Introduced 38+ Material Inspired Form Themes.
  • Introduced refreshed admin interface, better form builder and a theme customizer.
  • Defaults, URL, User Meta data & Post Meta data for form elements.
  • Payment Integration with PayPal and Stripe
  • Abnormal & MailetLite Integration.
  • jSignature element with anti-aliased output.
  • Read-only state for form elements.
  • Appearance option for thumbnail select.
  • Custom URL Submission feature.
  • WooCommerce Integration.
  • WordPress Core Integration – Login, Register & Guest Post.
  • Form & User Statistics Shortcodes.
  • 6 new elements – Thumbnail Picker, Smiley Rating, Like Dislike, Matrix Feedback, Matrix Dropdown, GPS Location Picker
  • Introduced Leaderboard functionality.
  • Introduced more form submission limitation options including opening date, expiration date, submission interval, etc.
  • Introduced Stopwatch to record form submission time
  • Raw score-based redirection and ranking
  • Huge improvement for Reports & Analysis.
  • Made Google Charts responsive
  • and MyMail integration
  • Pop-up forms with custom dialog buttons
  • Reset forms with an optional button
  • Conditional logic for containers (tabs, pages, etc)
  • Third party integration for MailChimp, Aweber, Get Response and Campaign Monitor
  • Quiz timer with automatic submission (overall and page specific time limit)
  • Mathematical evaluator element to calculate complex formula from user input
  • Categorizable form with filtering option
  • Conditional logic on submit button
  • Social networking share option at success message, e-mail, and trackback
  • Beautiful and responsive email template with added customization options
  • Customization of the summary table on trackback
  • Customization of trackback page to show/hide summary table, full submission and trends
  • LaTeX support on labels and options (via jetpack plugin)
  • Score attributes to rating elements with multiplier
  • Score attributes to slider and range elements with multiplier and custom formula
  • Total Submission limit perform with a custom error message
  • Option to disable the scroll to tab/page top along with offset
  • Anonymous submission to disable logging IP Address and User account
  • Override-able minimum, maximum and step values for grading and spinner options

Download eForm WordPress Plugin

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